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December 24, 2015



When starting as a young coach, unless you are lucky enough to have a mentor take you under his wing, one possesses tools in lieu of philosophy. As you commit to your trade and obsess over it, principles take form. They, little by little, grow into a philosophy from...

December 24, 2015




' Do you want to be strong or lift big weights ?'






This seemingly contracdictory statement is usually met with a blank stare of perplexity mixed with a bit of defiance. This is especially true if  directed to a male athlete in a power sport. Even though the state...

December 24, 2015



After 17 years of a practice where professional survival was dependent on results, it is a bit hard for me to suscribe to the commonly accepted notion of physical qualities. I am talking about strength, speed, endurance etc...as mentioned in another article, these qu...

December 24, 2015

What is the physical preparation (PP) specialist role? I often say in a slightly slanted way that my role is to make athletes' technique better. To make it better under the toughest constraints imposed by their discipline. This might blurr the lines between the skill c...

December 21, 2015

Lorsqu'on débute comme jeune entraîneur, à moins d'avoir la chance de grandir sous l'aile d'un mentor, on possède des outils en lieu de philosophie. A mesure que l'on s'investit et réfléchit viennent des principes. Ceux-ci se muent petit à petit en philosophie.  De cet...

December 6, 2015




' Tu veux être fort ou soulever des grosses barres ?'






Le semblant de contradiction clairement affiché dans la phrase provoque la plupart du temps chez mon interlocuteur un regard mêlant perplexité, étonnement et un peu de méfiance, surtout si celui ci est de sex...

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Un nouvel outil de mesure en musculation

May 25, 2016

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