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November 3, 2018

I took my first course with Charles Poliquin in Montreal in 1997.

That was way back when he actually had hair!

I was discovering the field of strength and conditioning then.  I was never a gym rat but was always interested in sports performance and I don’t think I could...

November 3, 2018

J’ai suivi ma première formation avec Charles R. Poliquin en 1997 à Montréal

A cette époque il avait encore des cheveux sur la tête, c’est pour dire!

Je faisais mes premiers pas dans la préparation physique. Je n’ai jamais été un fou de musculation, mon souci était la pe...

December 24, 2015



When starting as a young coach, unless you are lucky enough to have a mentor take you under his wing, one possesses tools in lieu of philosophy. As you commit to your trade and obsess over it, principles take form. They, little by little, grow into a philosophy from...

December 24, 2015




' Do you want to be strong or lift big weights ?'






This seemingly contracdictory statement is usually met with a blank stare of perplexity mixed with a bit of defiance. This is especially true if  directed to a male athlete in a power sport. Even though the state...

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Un nouvel outil de mesure en musculation

May 25, 2016

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