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November 9, 2018

The world record holder in the Decathlon is deemed the world’s greatest athlete.

The decathlon is a track and field sport in which athletes compete in 10 events over the course of two days. They score points given for each performance and the one with the most points at the end of two days wins. The events are the 100m, the long jump, the shotput throw, the high jump, the 400m in the first day and the 110m hurdles, the discus t...

November 3, 2018

I took my first course with Charles Poliquin in Montreal in 1997.

That was way back when he actually had hair!

I was discovering the field of strength and conditioning then.  I was never a gym rat but was always interested in sports performance and I don’t think I could have gotten a better early education. Twenty years, and many medals later (although not as many as Charles!), here are 5 fundamental principles I learned from hi...

November 1, 2018

Picking the right exercise for the goal matters!

S&C aficionados often have passionate debates among themselves when its time to pick the best exercise for such or such sports/ activity. Everybody has their favorite and it seems that you must absolutely crown one of them king of all exercise!

When your livelihood depends on the results of athletes who will judge your contribution solely on their on field performance, you cannot...

January 31, 2016



                      One of the nice aspects of my professional practice is witnessing athletes from different sports interact in my gym. They exchange and ask each other questions about their respective sports with curiosity and genuine interest. Golfers often tickle the curiosity of other athletes who wonder why they need to work as hard as what they witness them doing. At first glance, it does not look like a game that r...

December 24, 2015



When starting as a young coach, unless you are lucky enough to have a mentor take you under his wing, one possesses tools in lieu of philosophy. As you commit to your trade and obsess over it, principles take form. They, little by little, grow into a philosophy from which are built systems. Why is it so important to have a system? Simply because it allows usage of experience. It is the difference between 20 years experience...

December 24, 2015




' Do you want to be strong or lift big weights ?'






This seemingly contracdictory statement is usually met with a blank stare of perplexity mixed with a bit of defiance. This is especially true if  directed to a male athlete in a power sport. Even though the statement is purposely provocative, I am dead serious.


I have gain a reputation as the guy whose athletes do not lift weights. Although it is inaccurate, observers ar...

December 24, 2015



After 17 years of a practice where professional survival was dependent on results, it is a bit hard for me to suscribe to the commonly accepted notion of physical qualities. I am talking about strength, speed, endurance mentioned in another article, these qualities are extremely context specific. The best cyclists make poor marathon runners even though they  have similar VO2 max and both use their lower body in thei...

December 24, 2015

What is the physical preparation (PP) specialist role? I often say in a slightly slanted way that my role is to make athletes' technique better. To make it better under the toughest constraints imposed by their discipline. This might blurr the lines between the skill coach and the PP specialist (PPS) but it is a way to start the discussion with sport coaches who define their role in a very similar manner.


In team sports the bo...

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